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Vimsottari Dasha

Vimsottari Dasa is the most important Dasa of Vedic astrology.

This Dasa is extensively described in Parasara Hora Shastra and is called the supreme Dasa of Vedic astrology (together with Kalachakra). Vimsottari dasa is a dasa system where the total duration of the dasa cycle is 120 years. The total period of 120 years has been allotted to 9 grahas.

There are inner grahas and outer grahas.

Inner grahas means grahas between the Earth and the Sun, which includes the Sun, Mercury, Venus and the Moon. Ketu is also included in the inner grahas.

Mars, Jupiter Saturn are outer grahas, and Rahu is treated as an outer graha as well.

I am using word Graha which is different than the word planet.

Planets and Stars are the words used for heavenly bodies.

Rahu and Ketu are grahas, but they are not planets. Graha means sources of energy, attraction, so it may be a distincton.

120 years are divided in two equal parts of 60 years each and allotted to inner and outer grahas.

Starting from Mercury, then Ketu, Venus, Sun, and Moon, allotting 17 years, 7yrs, 20 yrs, 6 yrs, and 10 years respectively for a total of 60 years . Then Outer Grahas, Mars 7 years, Rahu 18 years, Jupiter 16 years, Saturn 19 years for a total of another 60 years.


Mercury 17 years

Ketu 7 years

Venus 20 years

Sun 6 years

Moon 10 years = TOTAL YEARS 60


Mars 7 years

Rahu 18 years

Jupiter 16 years

Saturn 19 years TOTAL YEARS 60 .

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