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How long does each reading session take?

After I receive your birth details, I will prepare your birth chart (kundali) and analyse it. We'll then talk over the phone or zoom to discuss it and answer your questions.The time needed (as well as my fee) would depend on the number of questions and the level of in-depth analysis needed to answer them.

I can't pay this much. Can you analyse my chart for free?

These analysis take up a lot of my time, so I can't do it for free. However, if you have some special circumstance then I may be able to offer you a discount - get in touch with me to discuss if you think this applies to you.I also analyze interesting, anonymised case studies in my blog from time to time - if you absolutely can't afford my fee then you could send me your details along with a consent to post about your case on my blog and you might get lucky.

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